About ChatRep

Welcome to ChatRep, where we revolutionize customer interaction by combining the best of AI technology with the irreplaceable human touch. Our innovative platform allows businesses to integrate intelligent AI chatbots into their websites, providing round-the-clock support, instant responses, and comprehensive information to improve conversion rates.

What sets ChatRep apart is our unique approach to enhancing AI capabilities with strategic human oversight.

Our team of experts trains, monitors, and fine-tunes the AI models to ensure they understand your business deeply and handle even the most complex inquiries. When AI falls short, our skilled human representatives seamlessly step in to provide personalized assistance, ensuring an exceptional customer experience.

Using ChatRep is not only effective but also cost-efficient. By leveraging our platform, you can significantly reduce expenses compared to staffing your own chat team or outsourcing to a traditional BPO. Our AI handles the majority of interactions, allowing you to maintain high-quality customer service without the high costs.

At ChatRep, we’re dedicated to helping businesses build stronger connections with their customers, driving satisfaction, loyalty, retention and growth.

We're Hiring

Join ChatRep and be at the forefront of transforming customer engagement with innovative AI technology and exceptional human touch—where your ideas and expertise make a real impact!

Full-Stack Developer

Raleigh, NC or Remote

Are you passionate about LLM AI models? Work with our team to build out functionality to our ChatRep platform. Understanding of API integration, security minded, virtualization databases and cloud dev is essential.

AI Architect


Are you passionate about AI Technology and client management? Your role here at ChatRep is to assist clients in training and developing optimal AI models and ongoing fine-tuning.Here at ChatRep, our AI Architect's help translate client knowledge into trained AI bots and help clients train, optimize and fine-tune their models as their business evolves.

Chat Representative


While 90% of chats are handled by AI, occasionally a chat session requires human intervention. You are expected to be well versed on our client brands, products and services to professionally respond to escalated chats.

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