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We use the power of AI to build custom chat bots with human supervision and training.


We work with you to build and fine-tune AI chat bots that are smart enough to handle 80%+ of all chat sessions.
ChatRep Custom AI
Custom AI Bots

Custom trained bots that can handle thousands of pages of content.

ChatRep for Your Brand
Your Brand

Built to represent your brand, your style, and your voice.

ChatRep AI Training
Human Training

We train and fine-tune your AI model as your business evolves.

ChatRep Human Escelation
Human Escalation

For times when AI is not quite enough, our skilled human reps can help.



“Our business is focused on treating addiction which is a sensitive subject. We are totally impressed with how accurate and sensitive the AI model is for our business.”

– Joe Eisele
Founder InnerBalance Health Center


“ChatRep team has been awesome in helping us train and fine tune our model.”


“We were evaluating traditional BPO and found ChatRep to be even better and much less expensive.”


“Having a robust AI model plus live chat reps available is a powerful combo.”

ChatRep - AI + Human Chat

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