Interested in a custom trained AI demo?

For a limited time, our team will develop a custom trained AI bot based on your public website and provide you with a demo page for you to test out the chat responses. No credit card is required.

Demo Request

Is there a cost or obligation to create a custom AI demo?

Nope. Completing this form is all it takes to start the process. You provide your contact information and website and our experts go to work to create a custom trained AI bot based on your public website. We then create a demo page that embeds your custom AI model so you can test it out yourself. There is no obligation or credit card required. However, due to ongoing costs of message credits, we disable the demo page after 30 days.

What data is used for created the custom demo?

We use your publically available information to train the AI bot. If you were to sign up, we would work with you to incorporate additional information such as product documentation, FAQ’s and even manual queries. We also work with you to better refine the tone and objective of the responses. Our custom demo is simply meant to give you an overall feel for the initial capabilities of your custom AI bot.

How long will the custom demo AI page be available?

We actually incur database, API, staffing costs to create each demo. There are also ongoing message credit costs. We’re confident that you will see the value of the demo. However, we do disable each demo page after 30 days. 

Do I have to listen to a sales pitch?

No. We are confident you’ll see value in our product and service with our demo. Once you submit this form, we go to work to create your custom AI demo and publish a demo page on our site. We then email you the URL and password to the demo page. There is no obligation. Of course, if you prefer to speak to someone about your specific business needs, we are happy to schedule a call to discuss.