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ChatRep AI Chat Solutions for Service, Support & Sales
ChatRep AI Service bot

Enhance your customer service with ChatRep’s AI-powered and human-tuned solutions. Deliver prompt, accurate, and empathetic responses that improve customer satisfaction and foster loyalty. Ensure your customers feel valued and supported, creating lasting relationships and driving repeat business.

ChatRep AI Support bot

Respond to customer support issues instantly with ChatRep’s efficient AI chatbot. Address and resolve inquiries quickly to reduce churn and increase Lifetime Value (LTV). Our hybrid model ensures that complex issues are escalated to human agents, providing comprehensive support and maintaining high customer satisfaction.

ChatRep AI Sales bot

Boost your sales efforts with ChatRep’s intelligent engagement tools. Our AI chatbot qualifies leads and provides instant responses to inquiries, improving conversion rates. Seamlessly hand off high-potential leads to human agents for personalized follow-ups, driving more successful sales and growing your revenue.

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Discover how ChatRep seamlessly integrates AI chatbots and human agents
to revolutionize your customer support and sales processes
ChatRep AI chat Solutions for service, support & sales

10x ROI

Improve Engagement and Conversion
Expert chat availability 24/7 improves customer satisfaction.
ChatRep is a low cost way to be there for your customers and prospects 24/7 that dramatically improves satisfaction and ROI.
Increase loyalty, reduce churn and increase sales.

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ChatRep Features

Our combination of expertly trained AI models along with our human support and training set ChatRep apart from the rest.

ChatRep Custom AI

Custom Trained AI

ChatRep’s AI chatbots are meticulously trained to understand and respond to your business needs by learning from thousands of pages of your content. This enables them to provide precise, contextually relevant answers across multiple websites, products, or brands. Whether it’s for sales, customer service, or support, our AI ensures that your customers receive timely, accurate information that enhances their experience and satisfaction.
ChatRep Human Escelation

Expert Human Touch

While our AI chatbots handle the bulk of customer interactions, we recognize that some queries require a human touch. When the AI encounters complex issues, our expert human agents seamlessly step in to offer personalized, detailed assistance. This hybrid approach ensures that your customers always feel supported and valued, combining the efficiency of AI with the empathy and understanding of human representatives to deliver exceptional customer service.
ChatRep - AI + Human Chat

Analyze Customer Data

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“Our business is focused on treating addiction which is a sensitive subject. We are totally impressed with how accurate and sensitive the AI model is for our business.”

– Joe Eisele
Founder InnerBalance Health Center


“ChatRep team has been awesome in helping us train and fine tune our model.”


“We were evaluating traditional BPO and found ChatRep to be even better and much less expensive.”


“Having a robust AI model plus live chat reps available is a powerful combo.”